Upholstering a box spring

November 15, 2014

A few months ago, my fiancĂ© and I decided that we didn't want a traditional bed frame for our room. We wanted to put legs on our box spring and have a creative painting or something similar as a headboard. With that plan, we had to upholster our box spring to make it look a lot better since it would be showing. 
Here is a brief run down on how you can do that.

Things you'll need:

- Staple gun
- Staples
- Your choice of fabric. 
Make sure to measure your box spring to see exactly how much you'd need
- A fabric knife (a normal pair of scissors can work just fine too)

Step 1) Pick the fabric you would like to upholster with. Make sure it is a colour or pattern that will match with pretty much anything. We went with a grey patterned one with some subtle pink accents on it. Luckily, I didn't get any objections from that choice!

Step 2) You will then need to cover your four corners. The measurements really depend on how you want it to look, but make sure it covers a few inches on each side of the corner. As well, make sure you staple the fabric inside out, as you will be flipping it over in order to hide the staples. For us, it didn't matter because the fabric was the same on both sides.

Step 3) Once that corner is stapled, flip it over the corner and ahead and staple the top. It should end up looking like the right photo below. Make sure the bottom of the box spring is the side that shows the staples. Because I mean who cares about that side haha. As well, we made the mistake and pulling the fabric a bit too tight, as you can see below. Make sure it has a tiny bit of slack, that way the fabric won't start to rip form the staples.

Step 4) Then, go ahead and do all four corners.

Step 5) Grab your measured and cut piece for one of the long sides of the box spring. You will end up doing the same thing you did for the corners. Staple the top of the box spring with the back of the fabric being up, because you will flip it over then staple the bottom. Make sure you overlap the corners by an inch or two.

Step 6) Finish all other sides in this same fashion. What you'll end up getting is the corners and sides looking like this.

That's really all there is to it folks! Of course, as a bad blogger I didn't even take a photo of the box spring once it was finished. But I think you get the idea. This was an easy DIY and it only took us about an hour and a half to finish. 

The whole project ended up costing us about $20 once we bought some staples and the fabric. We borrowed the staple gun and the fabric store we went too was having a major sale. Score!!

Happy upholstering, friends!

Getting back into a fitness routine

November 4, 2014

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Once upon I had a regular workout routine, honestly, I really did! I have been HORRIBLE lately with working out for two weeks, then being lazy for two weeks; working out for another two weeks, then being lazy for a week after that. It's been a binge working out cycle that I haven't been able to get out of. It really isn't benefiting my body or mind at all and I needed to change that.

Luckily, I have been! I have gotten back to the gym and worked out at least 3 times a week. As silly as it might sound, I can already feel myself getting stronger and I am eating way more. Anytime I can eat more delicious food, I'm a happy women!

Here are a few things that have kept me on track:

1) Being prepared first thing in the morning - Let me tell you, I am not a morning person. My fiancé has had to practically drag me out of bed some mornings. But lately, I've made an effort to get out of bed earlier than usual and made sure all my workout clothes and meals for the day are packed and ready to go. I used to leave that stuff all over the house and try and workout at night, which didn't work at all. Now that I make time to exercise on my break at work, it allows me to get it done during the day and still have the night to do other things!

2) I make myself a bet - When I'm feeling lazy and not wanting to workout, I essentially bribe myself into getting it done no matter what. I allow myself have that piece of pumpkin pie sitting on the counter, or buying that nail polish I've been wanting for a while. Whatever I want, as long as I workout first. It sounds like a kiddish way to do it, but it works. Then once it becomes a habit, I won't have to do that as much anymore.

3) Tell somebody about your plans - If you tell someone else that you are planning on working out a certain day, it holds you more accountable then just counting on yourself. That person can be there to remind you and make sure you follow through with your plan. You can never have enough support!

All in all, I'm excited that I'm finally getting a good grip on making exercise a regular occurrence in my routine instead of life getting the best of me.  It's also helped that my soccer season is under way again, I'm ready to kick some serious butt!

Just remember, we all get into ruts sometimes, but keep trying and you'll find a routine that works for you!