A minimalism game - Update

October 26, 2013

Turns out this game way a lot harder than I thought... duh Keens. I always tend to think I'm awesome think challenges like this will be a piece of cake. I was going into it thinking "how hard can it be to get rid of some junk around my house?" Welllll the boy and I didn't even make it halfway through the month. Turns out we made it to day 13. That means we each threw away 91 items.

This is a look at day 8 + 9 for me. 
The hardest thing to throw away from this pile? The Cosmo magazine haha

Overall, I'm pretty proud of us. We got rid of some random junk that was lying around, and it got us to actively ask ourselves what we were keeping and why. I definitely feel like I'd do this challenge again. It might even be an annual event for us. Because honestly, do I really need 20 bottles of almost empty perfume? Or a box of ripped old clothes that I'm going to "make a pinterest project with"? Not even a little bit.

 So after giving myself a high five, I'm pretty proud to say I even tried this challenge.

 Do you think you could make it through all 30 days?

A minimalism game

October 8, 2013

Have you ever had the feeling that your home is less like a home and more like a old storage facility? Well, that is what I've felt like over the last little while. In the last few months I've been awful in the area of collecting more junk around my apartment. Life has gotten busy again, and not that I'm using that as an excuse, BUT I'm going to anyways.  I've noticed that I have a lot of extra boxes, bags, tags, trinkets and everything in between pilling up on my shelves and storage room.

Good thing for my man finding this cool challenge that the Minimalists put on their site. See it below:

Essentially, the game is simple. You throw away a certain amount of things depending on the day. For example, on the first day of a given month you throw away one item, the second day you throw away two, the third day you would throw away three, etc.  The challenge is to see how far in the month you can get, and even more fun if you play the game with someone else and see who gets farther.  If you end up making it a whole month (lets say a 30 day month) you will end up getting rid of 465 things!

While I'm not getting my hopes up that I'll reach day 30 this month, I am already on a pretty good roll of 36 items. I am challenging my boyfriend to this and I will let you know who ends up winning! *cough* me. Haha

Who else would be willing to do this?

Change is good

October 2, 2013

I have made yet again another change to this blog. The whole online writing thing is a learning process and to be honest I have having a hard time sticking to the financial subject of this blog.  It didn't give me the freedom to talk about what I wanted.  Thus, this is now my lifestyle blog, which it was at the beginning.

Am I still trying to be a millionaire before I'm 30? Yes.
Will I still write financial posts? Yes.

But now, I will be adding posts about a wide variety of topics, such as:

- Organization
- Cooking (or lack there of)
- Being frugal
- DIY's 
- The challenge of being a 20 something these days
- Etc...

This is what I have wanted this site to be all along.  A way to write creativly as well as about my life and how I am making my way through it.

Let me know your thoughts. New look coming soon as well!