Top 5 websites

November 29, 2012

The internet has become such a huge part of our generation these days, almost overtaking the ancestral instinct of basic face to face interaction. You can literally do anything you could imagine on the internet.  From shopping, to online chatting, to christmas card making to music producing.  So obviously, a lot of my spare time is taken up by the internet, which I'm not saying is right by any means.  But I write on the internet, chat on the internet, find news on the internet as well as collect 99% of my daily information from the internet.  Then why not embrace it with style!

So, without saying, I bet you all want to know the top 5 websites that I visit on a daily basis.  Because I'm like important and stuff (in my head at least so just play along...)

1) Twitter
Good old Twitter, which is not even that old.  Twitter as a website was launched in July 2006 and has grown exponentially since then.  I joined Twitter approximately 2 years ago (don't actually know where to check the exact date) and have been addicted ever since. It is such a constant news feed, so you are able to know exactly what is going on around you in a variety of topics which are your choice. Genius. I wish I thought of this!

2) Thought Catalog
This is a blog site which features different writers and their articles of random topics from life lessons to celebrity drama.  Definitely give me daily laughs and is a great site that allows you to relate to their variety of writers

3) Facebook
I have a love/hate relationship with Faecbook. Now although I seem to go on it daily (who am I kidding, multiple times a day) I really don't put a lot of effort into Facebook. I don't post a lot, I don't chat a lot.  I more use it to see what family and friends and what they are up to.  Same as everyone else for the most part.

4) YouTube
Now YouTube is almost the same as Twitter but in video form.  You can go onto this site to find a video on anything you could imagine.  How to do a certain hairstyle or an animal being way cuter then should be allowed to.  It is definitely a time waster, and I will admit that I don't learn much.  But it is great and I can't get enough of it.

5) Apartment Therapy
This is a blog that is dedicated to projects around the home, and creative ways to showcase the space you live in, including new gadgets, furniture, knick knacks and so forth.  I am a sucker for little projects and ways to be make a space your own.  So I can't help but check out what they are doing on a daily basis and try my best to execute some of the cool projects they have going on.

I swear I could list at least 5 more websites that I go to on a daily basis, but we will leave it to these 5 for now.  It really is insane how rapidly the technology world changes.  I still remember the day we got our first computer and it was such a revelation then, if only we knew how fast it would progress.

Do any of you have favourite websites that I haven't listed here? I'd love to find out your thoughts.

Happy internet-ing :)


  1. Does facebook and twitter count if your using an app? I would guess no. I definitely use twitter non stop.,, gawker, techcrunch, and news sites in general are my top 5.

  2. Oh is a great one too! Love tech websites!