February 22, 2013

Well, as promised, I went grocery shopping trying to take all my new rules into account.  I must say, I am very proud of myself, finally feeling like I had a successful adult shopping trip! Woot!

My average grocery bill was $110, and it went down to $70. I got all very healthy and gluten free things, and I followed the advice of my commenters and stayed on the perimeter aisles of the store for the most part.

Although, I did go hungry.  It was right after work, but that's my own fault. Yet, I resisted the chocolate monster as much as I could and came out the victor.

Now, if I keep this trend of cutting down my shopping and being more organized with my grocery money, lets see how much I'll be saving in one year.

$40 x 32 shopping trips in a year = $1280

Easy as that, I just saved myself $1280 a year.  Every penn... nickel counts right?!

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