Daily Routine - Hemp Hearts

March 11, 2015

One thing I've really tried to stick to lately is eating healthy. Like most people, I try to stick to a healthy eating plan, then the weekend comes and that all goes down the drain. The chocolate chip pancakes are too tempting and the wings while watching hockey are too good to deny! But, one thing I've been great at sticking too is my breakfast routine.  One of my favourite things to make it a fruit smoothie. It allows me to pack my body with lots of nutrients to start my day.

I normally switch out a lot of different things depending on the week. Sometimes it's filled with bananas, the next week it's blue berries. One week I add yogurt, the next week it's fruit juice. There is one ingredient that is always a constant in my recipes though, is hemp hearts! I absolutely love them! They are so packed with nutrition and I enjoy the slight flavor they give my smoothie.

The kind that I've always gotten is Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts! They are such a fantastic brand and are without a doubt the best tasting hemp hearts I've had. Most often I buy the bags online through their website or at Costco to get the best deal.

Here is one of my favourite recipes to get my through my day.

- 1 whole banana
- 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter
- 1 tablespoon of hemp hearts
-  1/2 cup of yogurt
- 1/2 cup of water
- 1 tablespoon of flax
- 1 tablespoon on natural honey

Then all I do is put all those ingredients into a magic bullet cup and mix it all together!
It keeps me full for hours and is a great way to start your day!

Do you have any recipes for incorporating hemp hearts into your diet? Let me know!

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