View from my balcony

June 11, 2012

It's Monday night here in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.  I sit here with my white wine in hand, Mac computer on my lap, and the wind blowing through my very messy, curly hair.  In the hour that I have been sitting here, I have seen multiple things happen which caught my attention and intrigued me.  What a better place than here to list them off, and share them with the world!  Once I observed the nights first event, I definitely had to up my creep factor to catch the other events tonight.  As soon as you take the time to slow down and take in what is happening around you, you'd be surprised what you can see.

1) There is a man on his balcony right across and slightly lower then me having a BBQ, seems like a perfectly normal night for him.  Part of me is jealous that I'm not eating delicious steak right now, but that's besides the point.  All of a sudden, a women opened the balcony door and scared this man, to the point where his flings his prong like tool over the ledge of his balcony. Now at this time, I am laughing out loud to myself because of what I've observed, probably making my neighbours wonder what crazy lives next to them, but it was like a scene from a movie.  Wanting to see how this hilarious situation plays out, I continue to watch.  About 2 min later, I see him downstairs searching through the front yard for his dirt covered prongs.  Fortunately for them, it was a soft landing on plush grass from a 12 story fall.  All in all, this whole situation made my day, but the abnormal observations from my balcony don't end there.

2) Fast forward about half an hour, and as I stand up to get a snack, I see a car trying to drive into a gated parking lot a little to my right.  It seems you have to swipe some kind of device in order to open the gate. Now this person, who I later found out was a women, was having trouble with her scanning device, it seemed to not be working and her frustration levels grew.  All of a sudden she gets out of her 2003 ford car (total amateur guess on that one) and starts pounding on this scanning machine.  After about a minute of this, she must have realized that she was creating some unexpected attention to herself, cause she gets back into her car, tries scanning one more time, and of course, voila it works.  Just like magic right?

3) Lastly, there is a house just down the street from my building, squished between 2 high-rise buildings.  A quaint little place, reminds me of Anne of Green Gables type of house.  I looked down at one point and a blue jeep pulled into the drive way, only to be met by a women who jumped into the arms of the driver.  It was a very humbling moment.  It seemed as if that man had been gone for some time, and it was a reunion of sorts for them.  Makes you appreciate and reflect on the relationships you have in life, sometimes you don't know when you are going to see that certain someone next, so take every opportunity you have to tell people you love them and care about them, whether it be a mother, sister, friend or significant other.

It has been an interesting night, I feel like I've seen it all, yet the night has only just begun.  Time to grab another glass of wine, and see how the night plays out.  Nothing better than the hustle and bustle of a big city to open your eyes to what life has to offer!

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