When rubber meets pavement

July 2, 2012

It's that time of year once again.  I packed my bags, hit up Tim's for my usual medium double double, then 'Vipes' (my car, don't judge) and I hit the road.  For me, there is nothing better then driving by myself, blasting my favourite music and singing my heart out, in the warm summer sun.  With 9 total drive hours, that allows for many loony things to be seen.  I shall list them below:

- Saw guys playing guitars on the side of the highway.  I still can't understand what they were doing there, other than they gave up on holding their thumbs out and decided to practice for a gig instead.

- I made it from Edmonton to Red Deer without having to go to the bathroom. That NEVER happens.

- Ran into classic Calgary traffic, except I must have seen at least 8 police cars on the side of the road.  Typical long weekend I suppose.

- I passed by a Google Maps car with the crazy camera on the top of it.  I like to think I'm famous now.

- While driving through a small town, there was a guy running in his underwear on the side of the road with marker all over his body. Either a hilarious bro prank or weird running style?

- Then when I arrived at my destination, I passed by a truck bed turned into a hot tub with multiple people soaking up the sun. Pure awesomeness.

There's always something fun and exciting about summer road trips, especially with great weather and family being a major part of it.  Hello summer, Let the good times roll...

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