July 20, 2012

Well my night started off unpleasent at best.  I had a freak out moment, and it all started when I got to work at my part-time job.  The girl I was taking off, decided it would be a good idea to work her shift even though she was hacking, sneezing, coughing and barely had a voice.  Now, I am horrible at taking my own advice, because I'm sure I'd try to still work too, but with the state my co-worker was in, I wanted to just bolt out of there. As soon as she stepped out of the office, I turned into a disinfecting lunatic and let nothing get in my way.  Because my life is so hectic, I regularly feel that being sick is never an option, which has caused me to own a bottle of every single vitamin and health pill known to man. So it began, the race to use a whole container of lysol wipes before her cold germs caught up with me. 

Keyboard? check. Phone? check. Stapler? check. Every single pen? check.  Now, it's at this point in my blog entry where I expect you to judge me, even I second guess my sanity sometimes. I had a few onlookers even stare me down like a pig was flying around my desk, but that didn't phase me. I even went as far in my frantic state as wiping down each coin/bill that was in my float that night, and believe me that takes a while. It felt like a genius thing to do in the heat of a disinfecting spree.  No way in heck I'm letting even the smallest germ get near me, plus money is probably the most germ infested thing in this office.  Now 2 hours later, I have finally relaxed and feel content in my work environment.

My only other task for the night is to order my work 2 cases of lysol wipes.  I can't help but laugh at what turned out to be the most riveting part of my Friday night. Fun times.

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