Monthly Expenses

March 23, 2013

To continue on with the fact that I want to budget out every cent I am spending in April, I decided to see exactly where my money went the last 30 days.  Again, to see if there is any category that I can cut down on.

I have always found it interesting to see how people allocate money. I understand everyone has a different situation, but that is what makes it interesting.  This did make me realize I have to spend less on random shopping such as new clothes and little trinkets. As well, I bought way more fast food than I wanted too this past month.  On the bright side though, I still spent way less on coffee than normal.   March is also a huge birthday month for me.  It seems that a lot of people close to me have their birthday in or around this time, causing a major hit to my bank account.

Lets hope I can increase my savings and cut down the fast food and shopping categories for next month.  Yet, I think I am doing pretty well cutting down my disposable expenses,  which makes me realize I need to start finding ways to increase my income. Hum....

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