To bike, or not to bike: that is the question

March 31, 2013

Since spring has finally sprung here in my hometown, I have been itching to get outside. I already love running, and I can't wait to do that and prep for my 2nd half marathon in September. But lately, I have been wanting to bike.  I live very close to trails and within biking distance of all major shopping areas. Yet, I'm unsure if this will be a worth while expense for me. Bikes can definitely be expensive depending on what you get.

Because of my job(s), I have to drive. That is something that I can't change, but I'm still struggling with the pros and cons of this expense, should I decide to purchase a bike.

Luckily, there are some cheap bikes out there. I could probably get a decent one that will get the job done for $300-$400 without any bells or whistles. I have also seen many very expensive bikes ranging from $2000+ which is just ridiculous in my mind, unless that is your primary mode of transportation or you are a professional rider or something.

The 2nd issue I am faced with is if I will even use it that much to make it worth while. I know I SAY I will, but things always change and I'm worried that it will just go to waste. I mean, we don't have a very long summer as it is.

We will have to see. I'll definitely have to budget for one, and If I end up scoring a great deal, I will let you all know!

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