Live below the line - Meal prep

April 28, 2013

Well, the time has come! Starting now, I will be living below the line for the next 5 days. If you'd like to know what living below the line is, check out my last post!

Turns out it's extremely difficult to purchase 5 days worth of food for only $8.75. I actually got all my food for $8.12. But that is the point of this whole campaign; to bring awareness and fundraising towards extreme poverty. To eat like someone in that situation would, and believe me, it has already been extremely eye opening.

I tried to get as many food groups as possible in order to get at least some of the nutrients I need. I honestly failed in the vegetable area, but I hate vegetables to begin with haha. Therefore, I went more to the fruit. I definitely have enough carbs, which so hopefully not leave me too hungry.  There is actually a ton of rice there, as well as macaroni.  For my protein, I bought some pinto beans, but couldn't buy a ton of those. I was torn between the beans or eggs, but eggs were just too expensive.

I just finished all my food prep, so here it goes! I'll definitely be writing another post after this week is over. I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about!

Could you live below the line?!

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  1. It is an interesting project. I have actually lived on the street before. In Canada, and overseas. Having a place to live helps cut the food cost, because you have a place to cook and prepare food. Living on the road in Germany, staying in the squats etc. I of course was a street performer so I would perform to earn enough money to buy food, or share with other people living in the squat. When I cam back to canada I had no money left,was living in the parks in Montreal, then had all my performing gear stolen, so had to resort to panhandling. At that point I was living outdoors without a means to cook anything. So things like rice were not an option. I used to hit one grocery store in the early morning when all the day old baked goods were 1/2 price. And a Portugese shop where they were clearing their stock of maple syrup so a 1 litre can was $3. If you can band together your money goes a lot further. Good luck with your project.
    Oh also when I lived in Duncan BC and was working casual labour jobs there was a place called the "Bread Basket". We could get a tuna sanswich, and a bowl of soup each day. As well as some donated food being given away. Mostly bread...