Stinky sports clothes

May 28, 2013

Let me guess, the title disgusts you before you have even read the post! Well fear not my friends, it will be worth a read, I hope!  Here is a little background info.  In my spare time, I play soccer and long distance run.  I have for most of my life and both are big passions of mine as well as keeping fit and healthy, which sometimes with my busy life in a binge habit. However, there is one aspect of it lately though that has caused me way more stress then should be allowed.  Finding the space/time to air out all my gear.

Obviously, sports clothes do not smell good when you are done with them and for me at least they are covered in sweat. Now I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment as well as share laundry.  So, you can imagine the elephant sized stress I feel whenever I come home from a run or game. Trying to go with my minimalism journey, sprawling all my gross clothes around my living room for the night until I can wash them is not my idea of a great place to be.

It's actually a hilarity at the same time, because I've started using my balcony too now that it's summer. (Sorry neighbours, I honestly feel bad for you).  But it makes me laugh every time I see a soccer sock flailing in the wind out my highrise apartment window!

The reason for this post though is to see what you guys do with your sports gear? Do you have a special way to store it or to let it air out? am I seriously the only one that finds it stressful? I wouldn't doubt that haha.


  1. Lol. I do like to air out my workout clothes on the backs of chairs before throwing them in the hamper. I think it's kind of gross for wet clothes to be smothering in the hamper.

    1. I agree! Then they are just moldy and stink up everything else around them!

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    But it makes me laugh every time I see a soccer sock flailing in the wind out my highrise apartment window!

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