The attraction to new technology

July 8, 2013

There is something about me that isn't a secret; I have a love for new technology.  The just off the shelf phones, the iPads, Mac's, and about anything else you can think of.  I am one of those typical people (yes, I know... judge if you must) that always need to have the newest thing. 

Colour Machine Modern Technology

Now, with my love for new technology, also comes my extreme clumsiness with said products. I've had.... 6 iPhones in the last 4 years? Yup, sounds about right. Even the current iPhone I'm using looks like a dog chewed it and threw it down a cliff.

This becomes a horrible expense after a while.  Just think, the new iPhone's cost $600 I believe? Goodness that's a lot of hard earned money. 

Lately, I've been wanting the new iPhone SO bad. It's a constant battle in my head between me, myself and I.  The personal finance blogger side says "No way, Jose" of course the other side wants it because it's pretty and my current phone is definitely not.

As much as I love new technology, I normally take some time and talk myself out of it. I'm even using a 3 year old Mac Book as my computer right now. That means a lot considering I've been looking at the fancy new MacBook Pro's for a while now.

*Sigh*, what to do, what to do!

Is there something you absolutely love but can't afford? Do you love new technology as well?

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  1. I want that new iPhone too. My plan for the current one is up in January so I'm trying to hold out. Those new gadgets are always so expensive.