The red eye

July 30, 2013

You know when something seems like a great idea at first, then doesn't work out? Yup, happens to me all  the time. 

As we speak, I am sitting on a plane headed for a wonderful vacation. It is 4:10am and I am surrounded by snoring men, crying babies, and annoying flight attendants. My entire life I have loved flying and everything it involves.  It's such an adventure and I have always secretly wanted to fly myself.  So, while planning this trip, my partner in crime and I thought taking a red eye would be an awesome idea. The main reason for that was the surprising amount we saved doing it. Plus sleeping on a plane is easy, right?

Nope. Not even a little bit. Wait, let me rephrase that.  Sleeping on a plane seems to be easy for everyone BUT me.  I've always been a picky sleeper, but good luck me ever sleeping on a plane. First off, I have the bladder of a 90 year old, which sucks for the lady sitting on the aisle beside me haha. The air is stuffy, my legs get restless and sitting on a rock would be more comfortable then these seats. Lastly, being awake for 22 hours straight makes you start to think you are going crazy. 

With all of this, I have decided the money I saved taking this flight is definitely not worth it. My wallet saved about $175.00, but my emotional, mental and physical state took a big hit. Not cool.

Do you think sacrificing sleep is worth the money?

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  1. just got home on Monday from a red eye flight and generally want to die. SO. MUCH. JET. LAG.