The Automatic Millionaire

September 8, 2013

So, remember that time I was trying to be a millionaire? Oh right, I don't either.

Lately, life has been a bit rough, BUT no complaining.  I have just gotten off track a bit, I suppose that happens from time to time, but I have to get right back on the horse.  September is always the busiest time for me, so I have to buckle down and get back to my regular habits.

Just this past weekend, the boy and I had to go on a last minute road trip to see some family.  On the way home we listened to an audiobook in the car.  It was called the Automatic Millionaire by David Bach.  It was quite the wake up call and can I just say that I LOVE audiobooks while driving. I never thought I would, but it's a great way to pass time and you learn so much.

Basically, he teaches you how to think and act like a millionaire instead of thinking and acting 'like a poor person'. Definitely puts things into perspective and allows you to understand that your attitude and way of thinking is actually a big part in how you live your life and how you perceive money.

I suggest everyone give it a listen or read.  We didn't get through all of it, but the next run I go on, that will be my music.

Has anyone else heard of this book before?


  1. This is the book that got me into personal finance! I think it's fantastic! Are you ever planning on posting the numbers of your quest to become a millionaire?