I don't feel like writing

November 6, 2013

It's 6:19pm and I have my laptop ready to go, a big fuzzy comforter, a nice glass of red wine and calming music playing.  That's my usual set up when I've decided I want to write.  Now, normally I can pound out words like nobody business, however, today motivation hasn't graced me with its presence.  I can't figure out a topic, my opening sentence is boring and I'm sleepy.  But with all that, I'm still going to write.  I have always remembered a quote that my Grade 6 teacher once told us:

"If you can't think of anything to write, don't quit.  Just put words on paper and they will always come together." 

Unfortunately, I can't remember my teachers name. I'm sure I could dig it up, but that's not the point. That quote has always stuck with me.  As you might know, I have always loved writing. It's been an escape when I've needed it, it's been a way to me to express feelings that I can't quite say and it's been a way for me to grow and learn.  

In the end, even though I have been quite distracted tonight with other things around my apartment, like: Baking cookies, staring at my dirty dishes, trying to find a place for my broken microwave and trying to figure out where I should put my avocado plant (which I grew myself, heck yes!).  I have still managed to write and I'm darn proud of that.  However, it's now 6:49pm. Definitely not doing well in the word count/minute category, but whatever!

Hope you enjoyed your hump day! :)

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