That time I thought I was a runner...

January 6, 2015

Week one of triathlon training is over and it was the longest week ever! We are finally getting into a routine (I think) and we seem to be getting the hang of things. Let me tell you friends, there is NO way in hell I'd be this committed if I was trying to do this alone. Before we decided to do this, wine and Netflix always won over going to the gym. All my wine lovers out there totally get me right?! RIGHT?

drinking animated GIF  

That being said, having someone there to push you and support you through the process makes a huge difference. We went to the gym 5 of 7 days this past week so thumbs up for that!

I did have one workout however that didn't quite go as planned. Let me start off by telling you, my whole life I've been a runner. High five for high school 200m sprint pro right here! I have also played soccer for 23 years, so I thought I knew a thing or two about running my butt off. Well, I finally realized how much different anaerobic versus aerobic exercise is. Turns out anaerobic is a type of exercise such as weight lifting and sprinting. Anything that makes your heart rate jump up and fall quickly. Aerobic exercise is more of a constant, it means your heart rate may jump up, but it stays at a relatively static level without much change. Much like long distance running or biking. I definitely forgot about this lesson in grade 7 gym class. Well... I can run up and down a soccer field for hours but you put me on a track and tell me to run 5km and no way, Jose! I attempted to run even 3km and it wasn't happening. I got to 2km and I thought I was going to die. 

I even ran a half marathon with my good friend in California 2 years ago and I definitely couldn't imagine doing that now.

Anyways, turns out I have to work on my long distance running as well and I have a long way to go. Here I was thinking I could just jump into a triathlon no problem! However, it's all about the small victories so I'll take it. 

Boom, week 1 done! :)


  1. Good for you!! I'm also relearning how to run long distances, and it can be tough! I'm so excited to follow along with your journey!! :)

  2. Nice work! I think you should squeeze in a Spartan race & another half marathon before you run your tri, then you'll be good to go! :)