Triathlon training: Week 3

January 22, 2015

Well, I believe the habit of going gym almost every day has FINALLY set in! I actually look forward to going to the gym each day after work, which makes training so much easier. Maybe that 21 day habit rule is actually true!

Here is where I am at with each category so far:

- Running 3km
- Biking 10km
- Swimming 800m

Lets start with the running. 
I've haven't made much improvement at all in that category and I'm not sure if I'm just not running enough or what. I also play soccer twice a week which is great, but that is anaerobic cardio not aerobic which is what I need to train. You want to run sprints? I'm your gal. But you make me run consistent speed long distance? heck to the no. Will have to try and kick that up a notch here soon.

The biking has been a bit easier for me. Not sure if I'm just not working hard enough but I swear I could go longer than 10km. The problem is, my fiance and I are trying to do the biking and running while keep our heart rates low. That has been the most difficult part, trying to train our body not to freak out and make our heart rate sky rocket. I believe that 10km I did was in about half an hour and I kept my heart rate under 125. Could still use a ton of improvement, but I feel a lot better than when I started.

The swimming has actually been my favourite so far. But let me tell you, before we started this training, I hated swimming with every fiber in my being. I would swim 20m and feel like I'm dying. However, this has been my most improved area of training by far. I still can only swim 50m without stopping for a few seconds, but my biggest workout so far has been 800m and I am darn proud of that! Swimming is such a full body workout and I love the low resistance on my body. 

Overall,  I'm pretty impressed with how we are doing on only week 3. Tomorrow is a rest day, we are hanging with some friends and I will probably have a glass of wine. Oh how I've missed you!

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  1. I always have respect for anyone who train for triathlons because I've done all the 3 segments, but separately. I can only imagine how hard it would be to string everything together. It's great you're seeing progress in your routines. Swimming is a challenge for me as well and 800m sounds really far. But on the plus side, being in the water burns a lot of calories. :) Good luck with the rest of your training plan.